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    With an extensive mountainous area (about 70.000 ha), the Peneda-Gerês National Park, extends from the plateau of the Castro Laboreiro Mourela, including the mountains of Peneda, Soajo, the Yellow and Gerês. Also know to be the first protected area created in Portugal, in 1971.

    The orientation of the topography, variations in altitude and the influences Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental gave to any particular area botanical characteristics reflected in the existence of a diverse flora, whose symbol is the lily of the Gerês, Iberia endemic species. The national park’s fauna, once ago the richest in the country - have made it part of the grizzly bear and goat Gerês - still has a large variety of species that stands out the buck and the Iberian wolf, wild horse, golden eagle, boar, fox, among other species.

    A visit to a protected area should be so disturbing to a minimum the surrounding natural environment. Only then can fully enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that make the national park, a unique place in our country.

    Entities give some advices, to make your stay and visit a unique and enjoyable experience: 

    • Do not drive your car off the road;
    • Follow the existing tracks and paths;
    • Do not fire;
    • Take your garbage or put it in appropriate containers;
    • Do not pick plants, flowers, mushrooms, fruit and mineral specimens;
    • Please follow the instructions of the guards, guards and technicians of the Park;
    • Meet hunting and fishing regulations.


    Recommended activities

    Walks - If you're serious about hiking, do not miss a visit to the Pitons Junia, a village where old customs are kept community. It is the end of the road and going forward only on foot. But the ride is worth it, by waterfalls and small streams that cross the road or the surprise of the old Monastery of Santa Maria to appear in the middle of the landscape.

    Climbing in the Minho - Live moments of pure contact with nature by practicing rock climbing on the green Minho.

    Sport in the river Minho - If you are adventurous and want to pull the adrenaline sports practice in the Minho. Sea, river, streams, dams and reservoirs await you and your expertise.

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