1. gastronomy


    The gastronomy of the area of National Park Peneda-Gerês varies depending on the area. In the area of Castro Laboreiro, typical dishes include goat meat Castro Laboreiro and ham steaks. In the area of the Serra do Soajo / Yellow, there are many cooked dishes, but  it is possible to highlight the Sarrabulho Popes, the stewed pork, the Portuguese Cooked and the Lamprey. In traditional desserts include cigars of Ovos Moles, Candies of Arcos and Sweets set. In Barroso, the dishes are the Cooked stylish of Barroso, Barroso’s VealGrilled in ember, or steamed in the pot, and Stuffed Trout. It is also the area of ​​flues and rye bread.

    The typical cheese of the Park is the Cachena Cheese. This cattle roam freely in the hills, enjoying the natural grasses and abundant. Their food is sometimes complemented with food produced on farms in the region, allowing the collection of pure milk and unique features.

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